curated by Mike Plante/Cinemad

light dark (2009, 6 mins)
by Cam Archer
The second in Archer’s super-8 Dead Letter Series.

REDEMPTITUDE (2006, 11min)
by The Zellner Brothers
A black com­e­dy about an al­tru­is­tic yet de­ranged preach­er who heads deep in­to the Aus­tralian Out­back in hopes of sav­ing the soul of a man who has aban­doned his faith.

HOW SHE SLEPT AT NIGHT (2006, 3 min)
by Lilli Carre
A man tries to remember his wife, but only comes up with scant details as his memory starts to stray.

WINNERS (ON PARADE) (2001, 5 min)
by Chris Peters
The Two Winners go on parade in Downtown Los Angeles.

HILLBILLY ROBOT (2001, 21 mins)
by Todd Rohal
A suspected robot and his family are tormented and ridiculed by small-minded townsfolk and harassed by an angry Bulgarian.
THE MARK (2007, 5 min)
by Tom Barndt
A lawyer rents a room to a human lightning Bolt.

THE DRIFT (2007, 8 min)
By Kelly Sears
A mysterious disappearance on a 1960s space journey launches the counter-culture revolution, the government blocks contraband radio broadcasts, and American fervor for conquering space results in tragic ends. Psychedelic Rock, wayward space transmission, happenings, scientific research, the space race, high hopes, failed dreams, and bodily levitation all come together.

THE RAMBLER (2008, 12 min)
by Calvin Lee Reeder
Starring Lindsay Pulsipher
A quiet drifter experiences freedom.

and two surprises
art, comedy, poetic animation, sci-fi, horror.... wow

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