Short Films By Todd Rohal

A collection of short films made by THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE director Todd Rohal between the years 1997 and 2001. 
You may laugh, you could even cry at the realism, but you’ll definitely be entertained by one talented fucking filmmaker.

SINGLE SPACED (1997) - 16mm - 14 mins.
Todd Rohal's first short film featuring Piper Perabo (in her first screen appearance) -- this film won its budget back at the 1998 Hamptons Film Festival and was nominated for a Student Academy Award.
SLUG 660 (1998) - 16mm - 16 mins.
A sad tale about a worker paired up with a man's head in a bag. Like The Grapes of Wrath, but dirtier.
KNUCKLEFACE JONES (1999) - 16mm - 16 mins.
Hailed as being "wildly surrealist" by Jonathan Rosenbaum of the CHICAGO READER and called "a work of demented brilliance" by Dave Nuttycombe of the DC CITY PAPER, this movie won some big fans at the 2001 Slamdance Film Festival and made a lot of enemies elsewhere. It was partially funded by the Princess Grace Foundation -- making it a true royal treat.
HILLBILLY ROBOT (2001) - Super16mm - 21 mins.
"A weirdly touching parable of human obsolescence...a strange funny, very smart film," or so said Andy Markowitz of the Baltimore City Paper (which also named it "Film of the Year" in 2002). This film features many cast members who would later be seen in THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE and a portion of its breakdancing scene appears in David Gordon Green's film, SNOW ANGELS.

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